A hen

B during hich

C hich

D in hich

纠错 2My vacation begins next Tuesday, ___ I ill leave for Florida

A hich

B that

C hile

D hen

纠错 3Before joining the army, he spent a lot of time in the village ___ he belonged

A to hich

B hich

C to here

D at hich

纠错 4The moon is a orld that is completely still and utter silence prevails

A that

B here

C hich

D henever

纠错 5The tsunami (海啸) ___ over 160,000 people ere killed as a terrible disaster for human beings

A of that

B among hich

C during that

D in hich

纠错 6John isn t the same man before

A hat he as

B that he as

C ho he as

D as he as

纠错 7We ve tested three hundred types of boot, ____ completely aterproof

A no of hich

B none of hich

C some of that

D neither of hich

纠错 8____ is ell knon, the key to success lies in hard ork

A As

B That

C Which

D What

纠错 9He has made another onderful discovery, ____ of great importance to science

A hich I think it is

B of hich I think it is

C I think hich is

D hich I think is